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Ever wanted to be able to generate leads and follow up with them automatically?

But thought it was entirely too expensive and time-consuming to fit your budget?

Now you have that opportunity knocking right here at your doorstep!

Just how are we going to enable you to do this?

When you join COVER BRIGADE, you will receive a top level upgrade in our 5 leading totally innovative Traffic Exchanges...

All great for lead generation and advertising your products and services - a $47.95 value all by itself.

The top upgrades in the Traffic Exchanges will allow you to earn credits fast so you can get your product/service page(s) shown more often.

Plus a great special position in our newly acquired funnel system which is already established and delivering leads and sales from all over the world.

The funnel system alone is worth at least $150 all by itself. It is written to help you communicate with your leads on a regular basis.

We will also include a sequential auto responder with the special funnel system series already pre-loaded and ready to work for you.

Then to top off the offer, we include a hosting account so you have a place to store your web pages. This is a $5.95 value.

What's all this worth to you so you can market to your prospects effectively?

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Like we said earlier, the traffic exchange upgrades alone are worth $47.95.

Then add in the funneling series that we install in your very own personal autoresponder - that alone is worth $150.00 or more!

Then add in the autoresponder service itself which allows you to create additional marketing series of messages.

At most places, they charge $37.95 or more just for that depending on how many leads you put into their system.

Then we have included a hosting account so you can store your lead capture pages - a $5.95 value.

Total value of this package is $241.85 but wait... We have bundled together all these services at a price that will surely surprise you.

If you desire more information on each of the individual products in this great package, simply click here.

  • Top upgrades in 5 traffic exchanges

  • Funneling series to generate leads

  • Professional sequential autoresponders

  • 35% commissions on Upgrades/One-Time-Offers

  • Your very own web site

P.S. However we are limiting this offer to just 50 customers.

So now is the time to take control of your lead generation and follow-up allowing you to generate more sales!

So don't wait around thinking you can come back and get this offer at a later date.

The future of your online business may very well hinge on the action you take right now!

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